Personalise Engagement
with Each Candidate

AI Recruiting Chatbot

Impress Candidates with Personalised Interaction

Chatbot with Your Own Brand

Tailor the Way Your Brand Communicates

Engage candidates throughout their recruitment journey with human-like chatbot using Zappyhire’s proprietary Natural language conversational engine. Zappyhire’s chatbot is curated for talent acquisition needs and ensures that the conversation is aligned with your company’s branding and style guidelines.

Schedule Interviews Automatically

Ensure the availability of candidates and interviewers with automated scheduling. Zappyhire's chatbot saves you time from mundane tasks. It coordinates with each stakeholder and schedules interviews at a time convenient for everyone.

Chatbot Interview Scheduling
Hiring Chatbot

Maintain a Human Touch with Candidates

Let the system handle routine tasks while you save time. Focus on building strong personal relationships with candidates that are most likely to convert. Empower your conversations with insightful information gathered and organised by Zappyhire’s AI engine.

Enhance Your Quality of Hire

Discover the right candidates for your jobs automatically and increase your candidate experience. With the Zappyhire Recruitment Bot, you are assured to engage with the most relevant candidates by using chatbot's AI-powered resume screening technology.

Chatbot Screening

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Intelligent Parser

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Recruiting Chatbot

Recruiting Chatbot

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