AI Team

AI Team at Zappyhire consists of NLP, Machine Learning Engineers and Data Processing Executives who work closely to build AI strategies and algorithms that make our product smart and cognitive!

Our offerings range from basic information extraction to application of complex AI techniques to cater to various business problems. We have expertise in vector space modeling, intention understanding, classification and clustering, conversational agents, recommendations and predictions to name a few.

Our philosophy is that, AI team should never operate in isolation and should collaborate with business domain experts, client engagement teams, and other stakeholders to deliver successful AI features. The team owns the smart features in Zappyhire, by owning the data, models, and deployments. The team endeavors to stay relevant in technology space by upskill and cross-skill initiatives.

Sreeja M

AI Research Engineer

Current openings

NLP Engineer

2+ Years experience

Data Processing Executive

0+ Years experience

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