Who are We

We are innovators, strategists, designers and developers. But first and foremost we are Talent Acquisition Experts and we understand your struggle.

Don’t spend another minute on mundane recruitment tasks. We are here to offer businesses a recruitment experience like never before. Zappyhire takes your recruitment game to the next level with digital assessments, AI enabled video interviews and gamification.

What We Do

Simply put, we strive to make a difference in the hiring process, innovate and simplify tasks for all users of Zappyhire. We partner with our clients to help them reach their recruitment goals in the smartest possible ways. We love working with innovative minds that are looking to transform their workforce acquisition process with the latest technology.


the Savvy Nerd

Deepu Xavier, Co-Founder

Deepu has spent 15 + years working across various tech domains such as AI, ML, NLP, financial services, insurance, automotive and product development with Infosys, Bosch and Oracle. Before co-founding ZappyHire, he was the Principal Product Manager of Java programming language at Oracle.

He was featured in the Young Leaders of India List by Economic Times in 2012. Apart from being a frequent speaker at various international conferences and Java User Groups, Deepu also loves cooking and is considered the MasterChef at Zappyhire!

Deepu Xavior
Jyothis KS

the Startup Guy

Jyothis K S, Co-Founder

Being the sales bible of Zappyhire, Jyothis has 15+ years of experience in IT management and entrepreneurship in the AI space. He led turnkey project delivery in Information Technology for companies such as Cognizant and Infosys.

Before co-founding Zappyhire, Jyothis had worked with CogniCor (Conversational AI company - Spain) as Chief Operating Officer and managed Asia Sales. Being a FIDE rated player, you’ll find him participating in various chess competitions when he’s not busy networking or attending conferences and workshops.

Our Story

Zappyhire’s Story

Zappyhire wasn’t built in a day. When two guys met in 2010 they talked about everything from current affairs to street food. But their passion to make a difference in the recruitment field was something that came up every time they met. Slowly but steadily they laid the foundation for Zappyhire. Since then the team has rapidly expanded along with their clients and there’s no stopping us now!

The great minds at work


Program Manager

Sreeja M

AI Research Engineer

Mehar Rahim

Backend Developer

Krishna Nair
Krishna G Nair

Lead Backend Developer

Ashfak K A

Machine Learning Engineer

Krishna Kumar

Frontend Developer

Aswin G Sugunan
Aswin G Sugunan

Frontend Developer

Mahesh Chandran
Mahesh Chandran

Backend Developer

Joxin Johny

Lead Frontend Developer

Sreejith C. M.

Senior Associate - Frontend Developer

Srilakshmy H

Software Tester

Abhishanth B Parampan

Junior Associate - Software Tester

Manikandan R

Digital Marketing Manager

Arjun V S

Backend Developer

Priya Shaji
Priya Shaji

Senior Manager, HR

Sruthi Nair
Sruthi Nair

Associate Talent

Deepika P S

Product Marketer

Farhan M Ashraf
Farhan M Ashraf

Customer Success Manager

Nikhil James
Nikhil N James

Web Developer

Shadil MT

Associate UI Designer

Keerthana Vijay
Keerthana Vijay

Finance Consultant

Thara Philip
Thara Philip

Sales Associate

Arshad Arif
Arshad Arif

Python Django Developer

Varshini R

Digital Content Associate

Augustine Sunny

Customer Success Manager

Ponnu G Vijay

Associate-Product Documentation

Nitin Suresh

Product Coordinator

Sayali Sanjay Chouk

Associate Business Development

Jishnu Anoop

Graphic Designer

Mansoor Ali Basha

Product Designer

Sawad K K

Junior Associate Python Django


Associate Digital Marketing

Sarath Kumar
Sarath Kumar T

Data Processing Consultant

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