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AI-powered Recruitment Platform

Zappyhire’s AI-powered solution helps you find the best people for your organisation. It automates your recruitment process end-to-end and helps you make powerful decisions with insightful data.

We understand that the aspects you analyse while hiring experienced people is different from that of fresh graduates. We crafted tailor made solutions for campus hiring and for lateral hiring for an exceptional recruitment experience.

Talent Acquisition Platform

Reinvent Lateral Recruitment

Decreased time-to-hire by 35%

Find quality experienced candidates that will contribute to your organisation from day one and decrease your time-to-hire. With the right data points, Zappyhire helps you find the perfect experienced candidates. Zappyhire deciphers the resume, asks the candidate contextual questions and empowers you with powerful data required to make a decision.

Intuitive Application Process

Intuitive Application Process

Intelligent Screening

Intelligent screening

Personalized Engagement

Personalised Engagement

Job Skills Assessment

Job Skills Assessments

Smart Hiring

Smart Hiring with Insights

Recruitment Platform for Bank

How Zappyhire helped a Leading Bank Reduce Time to Hire

3 recruiters hired 1,100+ candidates in 8 months

One of the largest commercial banks in India is winning the hiring game. Using Zappyhire's string of modern technologies, the bank transformed their hiring process, improving hiring quality by 72% and reducing recruitment cost by 75%.

Campus Hiring platform

Discover Talent on Campus

Evaluated 30,000+ graduates

Scale your campus hiring. Zappyhire helps you manage hiring events without setting foot on the campus. From targeting the right campus to managing multiple recruitment events at a time, it connects the dots and enables you to convert fresh talent fast.

Registration Portal

Registration portal tailored for you

Recruitment Day

Manage Recruitment Day

Personalized Engagement

Personalise Engagement

Candidate Assessment

Assess Candidates Before Meeting

Smart Hiring

Hire Smart,
Hire Fast

Employee Onboarding Software

Effortless Digital Onboarding

New employees are excited and anxious, irrespective of their experience level. Don’t add to their anxiety! Make onboarding a walk in the park. Automate your onboarding process, stay on top of the pending items and ensure your new employees have all the information they need to hit the ground running.

Our Feature List

Intelligent Resume Parser

Intelligent Parser

Video Interview Software


Third Party Tools

Third Party

Recruiting Chatbot

Recruiting Chatbot

Predictive Hiring


Collaborate and Hire

Collaborate &

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